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When the ND:YAG laser light energy composed of the solid laser medium (ND: YAG) is adjusted to the pulse energy of 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelength and irradiated to the skin, the other chromophore is inhaled according to the wavelength and the laser light energy is converted into thermal energy, and at this moment, most of the effects are shown as a thermal reaction, and on account of the photo-thermal effect, that is, each wavelength of the laser is selectively absorbed into the tissue by utilizing the characteristic that the absorption rates of biological tissues are different with each other, the thermal energy is selectively transmitted only to the portion irradiated with laser, so that the cutting, destruction and removal of tissue can be performed.
ex) *1064nm (Toning specialty, silver) - DPL double toning after skin regeneration and pigment removal
*1064nm (Focus lens, pink) - Removing the blemishes, freckles, age spots, and tattoos
* 532nm (Toning specialty, blue) - Improving the skin tone and tissue, and removing the epidermal pigment
* Pulsed light irradiator
The selective photo-thermal melting is the phenomenon that, for example, when the light whose wavelength is well absorbed into the melanin pigment is irradiated to the melanin pigment lesion, the increased melanin pigment in the lesion absorbs the light and generates heat. As the melanin pigment is destroyed by this light and other sections are not relatively reacted to this light, heat is not generated. Only the melanin pigment is destroyed and the surrounding skin tissue is safe.

Technical Specification

Wavelength 1064nm 532nm 450nm 560nm 640nm
Pulse Width 12ns SMART:25ms D-LIGHT:600us
Repetition rate Up to 10Hz SMART:up to 1.3Hz D-LIGHT:up to 15Hz
Spot size 3mm, 6mm 10x38mm
Max Fluence 600mj 300mj Up to 25mj/cm2
Electrical requirements 230V+- 10% ~50Hz/60Hz, 10A
Dimensions and weight 44x37x27cm(LWH):18Kg

Safe Pulse Shape

D-LIGHT mode delivers ‘Low Fluence but High Density’ pulses, which reduces the chance of side effects but increases the efficacy by using faster repetitive shot within safe zone(Figure 1). Its low fluence pulses protect peripheral tissue from unexpected damage except targeted Chromophore.

Figure 1. Safe pulse shapes of D-LIGHT

Filters & Indications

SAR Severe Acne Mild Acne 450nm
SPR Pigmentation Epidermal Melasma 560nm
Lifting 640nm
SHR Coarse Hair Fine Hair 640nm

  • Conventional IPL
  • DPL

High Energy Density

The energy density of DPL is much higher than other conventional IPL (Figure 2).
It’s higher density is very useful to treat epidermal Melasma. The high peak pulse is made by the new technology to create 100us on-time pulse continuously.

Figure 2. High density of D-LIGHT shots

D-LIGHT 15 Shots per sec

The first and new concept of combining IPL and Laser power source to create new pulse shape and speed.
D-LIGHT can make up to 15 shots per sec.

SMART 1.3 Shots per sec

The unique power source enables fast discharging speed. SMART mode delivers high density pulses with low fluence, and still makes very fast shot, 1.3 shots per sec.

Laser Tips & Indications

3D Toning-Instructions

Special Features

Compact Table-top Size

specially designed compact size saves space and cost of transportation.

The Most User Friendly GUI

Self-explanatory User Interface saves time to learn how to use.

Easy Maintenance System

All compartments are designed to be fixed very easily. It liberates from A/S headache.