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The compound word "preser" comes from the word 'preserve' and 'laser' Which is the basic function of this machine

PRESER-S to induce the chemical reaction is used in the laser of 658 nm and 808nm, the body fat cells, the equipment that can be applied to the size reduction and body-administration of triglycerides.In particular, PRESER-S adopts the penetration depth is deep 808nm, by irradiation of blood existing LLLT compared with about 4 to 5 times, a high output, causing a deeper depth of the size reduction and the decomposition of fat tissue, and, given the thermal effect promotes the circulation it is advantage to relieve edema.Also, 658nm, only a relatively short penetration depth, mainly to improve skin tone and skin texture to promote the regeneration of skin cells by stimulating the dermal layer of the skin, collagen and elastin increases the generation of the improved elasticity and stretch marks is helpful.After cooling lipolysis alcohol and high frequency, drug treatments, it is important to smoothly discharge to the lymph, blood circulation. The blood pumped by the heart, but the lymph circulation may not apply if extra stimulus lymph flow is weakened because of the genus gotta accumulate the waste falls result in fat metabolism.If this is the case with the PRESER-S induces a smooth exhaust help the circulation of lymph.Cooling lipolysis alcohol, high frequency, HPL, ultrasound, medications, etc. can be combined with almost any obesity treatment expected synergies, when investigating PRESER-S 15-20 minutes before and after each treatment raised the bar to a maximum treatment effect can.PRESER-S may have the basic equipment la faithful to a high level of satisfaction of the various programs, and the patient's obesity market.


Low Level – Red light[658nm] Middle Level – Imfared light[808nm]

- Physiological activation effects at cellular levels

- Cellular physiological functions such as stimulation of physiological functions, promotion of reproduction and facilitation of metabolism in cells

- Effects of physical therapy such as relief of pains, removal of inflammation and      removal of edema

- Liquefaction of fat cells

- Mainly physiological effects
  (Stimulation of functions, promotion of metabolism and reproduction)

- The penetration depth is 2 ~ 3 cm, which is not very deep

- It is mainly applied to skins, subcutaneous fats and veins

- Main warm blood effects (analgesic and anti- inflammatory effects)

- As its penetration power is superior, it is useful for treatment of deep tissues

- It is mainly applied to the bones and muscles of deep tissues


Our Product Other Product Advantage

1. Maintenance in the uniformity of the laser intensity and the output (Controlled with the operating system program according to the user’s manual)

2. It is developed to maximize the effects by making a single probe (it is concentrated in one place, 50 mW and 200 mW)


Pains Not at all (harmful) - Severe pains (Using an anesthetic cream)
- It cannot be used during the lactation period immediately after childbirth
Treatment periods Up to 35 days After more than one year has usually elapsed (takes 6 months)
Treatment time Immediately after childbirth
(it can be used in the postpartum care center)
After a year has elapsed
Treatment costs Integrated with expenses of the postpartum care center More than 300,000 won at a time
Dedicated personnel no need
(automatic settings)
professionals are required


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